1. I See Stars
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To all of the ones in the world who've abandoned it due to life experiences that make you feel like there's nothing to live for, to the ones who've sacrificed everything just to help the people you love just for them to turn away when you needed them most, to every soul that isn't still with us today. You are the embodiment of Eternal Cosmos and beyond, in every situation there is hope, and in each and every one of you, Stars.


A message from me and a lesson to you,
from Adam and Eve to when our sun is blue, every frequency to supernatural,
you got the universe inside you know that much is true,
So every doubt that haunts you from your past, all of them lonely nights when you’re feeling sad, all of the kisses and hugs that you never had, all of the dead and gone know they got your back, all of the hate and misery from prior pain, all of the people judging but they’re just the same, Every time that u sleep to the moment you wake ,just know that you’re made perfect in every way,

Wondering planets, there’s no difference I don’t understand it, photosynthesis plants that I planted, when I look in your eyes I see stars, plenty of colors, there’s no difference my sister my brother, all the same but you’re built like no other, When I look in your eyes I See Stars,

So why you wasting your time working for other dreams, that come from people in power some that you’ve never seen, that Wanna take all the air and kill all our evergreens, somehow you don’t even care, you think it’s everything, what if I told you’re more important than number one, that you the person that started the one that’s just begun, the future our revolution that’s curing everyone, I’m here to see you burn brighter than all our morning sun.
Stars , When I look in your eyes I see stars!

A message from me and a lesson to you.